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Plastic surgery is a broad topic which refers to reconstructing, repairing or even replacing destroyed body tissues. Generally when plastic surgery is mentioned people think of it as something done for fun and nothing more. It is important to note that it can also be done to correct a medical defect which has probably existed from birth. As such while some people choose to go for plastic surgery others have no choice but to give it a consideration. Plastic surgery is normally done by a trained professional referred to as a plastic surgeon.

Reasons Why People Get Plastic Surgery

plastic-surgeonThere are many reasons why people decide to get plastic surgery. Below we listed some of those reasons:

· To correct serious injuries which cause severe damage to the body tissues, someone may opt for surgery. These injuries can include road accidents and extensive burns.

· Others may consider plastic surgery to help correct birth defects or abnormalities. Most common birth defects include cleft lip and palate, serious birth marks and webbed fingers. A clip left and palate affects the roof the mouth and the upper lip, and does not usually look good.

· To rectify damages caused while undergoing other forms of medical surgery. For instance when surgery is done to get rid of cancerous tissues, part of the skin may be destroyed. A plastic surgery would come in handy to fix that.

· Plastic surgery, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, usually helps boost an individual’s self-esteem. There is nothing as important to people as their own self- esteem and they would do anything to maintain it.

Types of plastic surgery

Generally, plastic surgery is classified into two broad categories known as reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Reconstructive surgery

These are majorly done for medical purposes and can even be recommended by a doctor as part of treatment. Reconstructive surgery rectifies parts of the face or body. For example someone born with some of the birth defects mentioned above can have reconstructive surgery. Injuries that damage tissues can be corrected through this procedure as well. In addition, if you have suffered advanced acne, your dermatologist may suggest you undergo a reconstructive surgery to repair the damaged tissues. Other factors that may present the need for reconstructive surgery include an infection, tumors, and other ailments.

It is important to note that reconstructive surgery is not a joke and should never be taken for granted. As a matter of fact it is covered by most health insurance policies and is considered a viable medical procedure.

Cosmetic surgery

This type of plastic surgery is also referred to as aesthetic surgery. It is majorly done by healthy individuals who are not compelled by any health risks. The major aim of cosmetic surgery is to improve the appearance of an individual. For instance if you are not happy with the shape and size of your nose, breasts, physical looks, and any other thing that make you whole, cosmetic surgery is for you.


Types of cosmetic surgery

• Mammoplasty – this type of cosmetic surgery normally has to do with altering the shape and appearance of the breasts. Breast augmentation specifically deals with the enlargement of the breasts. This is done to women who feel they have very tiny breasts that give them a low self-esteem. As such they undergo breast augmentation to increase the size of their breasts. A mammoplasty may also be done to reduce the size of the breasts. This is actually considered a valid reason for people with excess breast tissues which make a woman feel uncomfortable.

• Abdominoplasty – this form of cosmetic surgery is also known as tummy tuck. It is meant for overweight people who after losing weight remain with hanging skin. It is actually done to make the skin around the stomach a bit tighter.

• Blepharoplasty – also referred to as eye lid surgery, and is meant to better the look of the eye lids. This form of surgery can be done to both the upper and bottom eye lids to remove any excess fat deposits. Proponents of eye lid surgery believe that it helps people look much younger.

• Lip enhancement surgery – this is done mostly by women to change the shape and size of the lips. Just a slight change of the lip size can have a great effect on the entire face. Mostly it is meant to increase lip volume and make it look more attractive.

• Rhytidectomy – also known as face lift surgery. A face lift helps clear wrinkles, tightens the face and presents a much younger appearance. This type of cosmetic surgery is popular but very risky.

• Other forms of cosmetic surgery include the nose job, surgery of the ears, laser surgery and hair replacement.

Techniques behind plastic surgery

Tissue expansion – The body develops an extra skin when the surrounding tissues are stretched. It is this additional skin which is used in repairing the damaged area.

Skin flap surgery – This process involves taking a living part of a tissue and transferring it to another part of the body.

Skin graft – A healthy skin is taken and used to replace skin that was lost in another part of the body. This technique can be used in treating burns and other injuries or defects.


How to select a good plastic surgeon

Ensure the surgeon is board certified

Check for proof of certification from the relevant board of plastic surgeons. If anything goes wrong you will have people to turn to. A board can punish an errant practitioner and help you get compensation.

Perform a background check on the surgeon’s track record

It is important to check customer reviews. Call and talk to the alleged former clients and get a first-hand experience. Do not go to a plastic surgeon who will use you to set precedent. You can as well ask from friends, relatives and colleagues to tell you some of the best surgeons in your area.

Always go for a specialized surgeon

Normally surgeons specialize in a given area of plastic surgery. A surgeon who claims to be an expert in all forms of both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery probably knows nothing. If for instance you want breast augmentation, consider a surgeon who specializes in mammoplasty.

Get the best out of Plastic Surgery

It is important that you know what type of plastic surgery you want. Also understand the risks associated with that particular procedure and prepare adequately. Whichever type of plastic surgery you opt for always work hand in hand with your doctor. Also talk to people who matter in your life, if it is something that is going to over haul your appearance. Never be in a hurry, start early and take all the time you can to ensure you get the best surgeon.

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